"This is a very intriguing tale of wondrous heroes in a world that is shattering, unnoticed underneath the feet of all its inhabitants. This is definitely a must read for all fantasy lovers."
–– AJ McNeal, Children's & Young Adult Book Review Board of Missouri  

​May Your Unburied Corpse Be Eaten By Crows

"WARDS is a wonderfully wrought coming of age story. A beautifully tragic journey of awkward outcasts learning about trust, love, and belonging. Set in a Tolkien-esque land of myriad creatures, magic, and prejudice. Fantasy fiction lovers will thoroughly enjoy Wilson's masterful storytelling"
–– Chris McNeal

"An amazing tribute to the influence of friendship and the opportunities second chances provide; written with heart, humor, and insight into what it is like to be an outcast."
–– jennifer brady,  
Goodreads.com librarian

​​​​J. Christopher Wilson 

Some people are just weird.