"Such a fun read. ... this book is ageless and relatable to everyone. At sometime, we've all felt like an outcast of some sort and this is a book that embraces our differences, but in a fantasy world setting ... with diverse and well developed characters all flawed but all valuable and easily connected with. It should be in every classroom and every school library. When I got to the end, I was craving more. I just hope Wilson is well into Book 2 of the series!"
​5 Stars on Amazon 

––Dr. Evan Fusco

"I thought the WARDS was an awesome book. I was drawn into the book on the first page."
––Jacob Robinett



"WARDS is a wonderfully wrought coming of age story. A beautifully tragic journey of awkward outcasts learning about trust, love, and belonging. Set in a tolkien-esque land of myriad creatures, magic, and prejudice. Fantasy fiction lovers will thoroughly enjoy Wilson's masterful storytelling."
​5 Stars on Goodreads.com

––Chris McNeal

"An amazing tribute to the influence of friendship and the opportunities second chances provide; written with heart, humor, and insight into what it is like to be an outcast."
5 Stars on Goodreads.com

ennifer Brady,  
​Goodreads.com Libraria
n &
​Springfield-Greene County Library District Reference Associate 

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"This is a very intriguing tale of wondrous heroes in a world that is shattering, unnoticed underneath the feet of all its inhabitants. This is definitely a must read for all fantasy lovers."
––AJ McNeal,
​​Children's & Young Adult Book Review Board of Missouri  

​​​​J. Christopher Wilson