​​​​J. Christopher Wilson 

Some people are just weird. 


Quite possibly the ugliest dog on the entire planet of Akkad, Phylos is a dog who joins the Leftovers along the way, touching hearts in the way only a dog can.


Slave trader and commander of the cuckoos from Kôrra, the oldest city on the planet of Akkad. He serves the Warlord Kaelerus with unwavering loyalty and violent force.


Iasos Unified Preparatory Abbey

The abbey is built on a plateau against the mountainside overlooking the capital city of D'wyee in the country of Iasos. All the children of Iasos are required to be brought to D'wyee when the child is 8 or 9 years old to be accepted into school or turned away for a life of despair.  


High Abbess Lada Gudrun

High Abbess Gudrun runs the Iasos Unified Preparatory Abbey with an iron fist and sing-song voice. Recruits will comply or suffer the consequences. High Abbess Gudrun is a dwarf just like Mr. Andvri, but she has no love of him or the wards in Leftover Hall.


Geros is a monstrous-sized old bear and is the oldest friend of Mr. Andvari. He comes and goes at will, scaring the recruits, presbyters and abbesses of the abbey when he does. Powerful and crotchety, Geros is not to be trifled with even with those he knows.

Maveith Oglakanu

Life should be amazing for an 11-year-old behemoth boy whose godmarks foretell him being the greatest war cleric in hundreds of years. But for Maveith Oglakanu, life took a bad turn when he questioned his father, who just happens to be the general of the most powerful army of Yauuh. Maveith’s last chance is to leave his father’s training and go, instead, to the Iasos Unified preparatory Abbey to finally get his head on straight and return to fulfill his destiny


Feral is the only word to describe Rarr, the wild boy barbarian who spends his time grunting and howling, wrestling and fighting. The barefoot barbarian wears nothing but a loin cloth and prefers to wield a war hammer bigger than his head over any other weapon. How does a boy who speaks only in grunts and hoots ever expect to be civilized enough to graduate from the abbey? And how in the world is a boy of 8 or 9 able to wield such a weapon?

Pimgin Xofire

Pim is a sweet-eyed 13-year-old boy who looks much younger than he really is. He spends his time as Mr. Andvari’s right hand, startling everyone with his uncanny ability to predict what someone wants before even they know what they want. Why would such a sweet kid with a helpful demeanor and unique perceptive skill set be sent to Leftover Hall?

Adrastos Kirkus

Fifteen-year-old Adrastos is an orea, half-human and half-goat, from Kerkis Mountains. She is a bold, powerful warrior who is not afraid to show her strength, and stand her ground even against the popular boys who are being trained as soldiers and officers. Her mouth, attitude, and abilities landed her in Panae Hall, or as the other recruits call it, Leftover Hall. Here she must find a way to get along and control her anger and her force.

Erlend Andvari

Mr. Andvari is tall for a dwarf, standing about five feet tall. He is mentor to the Leftovers, a group of troubled kids and teens at the Iasos Unified Preparatory Abbey located in the capital city of D’wyee. He and the Leftovers live in Panae Hall, referred to as Leftover Hall by the other recruits in the abbey. Here, the Leftovers train separately from the recruits at the abbey, where they learn how to be survive, and be successful in life and finally be able to graduate. Otherwise, the Leftovers end up as slaves in the mines or worse.

Penelpas Kysfine

Who is the mysterious copper-eyed girl who stays shrouded in a dark cloak and rarely speaks? Penelopas is a 13-years-old girl who came to the Iasos Unified Preparatory Abbey under secret, unspoken circumstances and was immediately placed in Leftover Hall.


Some people are just weird. They don’t fit in––not at school, not at home, not with other kids no matter how hard they try.

​In the age of dwarves and dragons, graduation from the Iasos Unified Preparatory Abbey is legally required in order to have the skills to survive the harsh world and contribute to the society. Those outcasts who do not graduate end up as slaves, or worse. For the ones lucky enough to live in the land of D’wyee, there is an alternative school where The Wards of Iasos––the Leftovers of society––go to find their path before it’s assigned for them. It's a last hope for those who do not fit in with society.